Gracelyn’s mummy shares some aspects of her Chinese culture as we encourage the children to celebrate what makes them who they are.

Our community

“A community is made up of intimate relationships amongst diversified types of individuals – a kinship group, a local group, a neighbourhood, a village, a large family” CAROL QUIGLEY

We value the important role that parents play in their children’s development and work hard to build relationships with them. Face to face conversations are always best, but where this is not possible, we are always happy to talk on the phone or by email. We also encourage dialogue via our online learning journey, where parents can comment on observations of their children or post their own observations on what happens at home. And of course, we invite parents to get involved in the day to day experiences with children – either to play or to share a little piece of their life with the children.

Parents can also join our Parents and Educators Association (PEA) which meets regularly to discuss their involvement in the children’s learning, as well as social and fund-raising events across the year.

In doing this, we aim to build a community at the very heart of Little Jungle, but of course we also take time to build relationships with the wider local community, through regular outings as well as project work. During these, the children are encouraged and reminded to behave respectfully, saying hello, goodbye and thank you to the people they meet.