“Mummy eats, half goes in her tummy and the other half goes in baby’s tummy… Mummy has a special door inside that lets the food in” (George, 3.2 yrs)

Our projects

“Everyday things hold wonderful secrets for those who know how to observe and to tell about them” GIANNI RODARI

As we observe children playing and making enquiries on the world, our job is to encourage them to make and test theories, to problem solve and to keep trying, even if at first they don’t succeed. That way they stand the best chance of becoming confident, resilient researchers with a love for learning. And in order for us to ensure we do the best we can to support their learning, we document some of these more sustained enquiries into what we call projects. These allow us both to reflect on children’s learning and our practice, as well as sharing in the delights of the everyday, which the children uncover in their play.